Bath Salt Bass: The Face That Ate Miami

by Various Artist



This is a Promo album inspired by the terrible events that happened in Miami last month. Please have a sense of humour. We are sorry for the parties involved in this terrible event but if you don't have sense of humor in this world than life will be a real tough trip for you. Its free..If you don't like it don't download it. Peace and Respect - DDR Records



released June 27, 2012

Featuring tracks from - GROW, R21, Phonotronix, Dexterous Numerics, Dwellz, Fleck E.S.C., iNHUMAN dESIGNED, Milky da Milkman

Album Art & Concept - GROW
Mastered by - GROW



Inhuman Designed Orlando, Florida

Inhuman Designed / Proliferation

A Graphic Artist / DJ / Producer seeking A darker approach of Electro / Industrial / and other forms of Electronic Music for the Future

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