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Multiplying scores over the last few months thanks to the quality of their outings and artists featured on the label, Zero One Music is on the point to become one of the leading electro imprints at the moment. Following the critically acclaimed "Hi Tech Biochemical EP" by Circuitry Man in May, which stayed on top of the digital sales at Juno store for several weeks, Will Web and David Noller are proud to bring you the "Kosmo Tanssi EP" from Electro gift talent MicroControlUnit.

Hailing from Belgium, Steven Taelman started his musical career back in 2009 and since then, his versatility, skill and references ranging from Bass Junkie to AS1, passing through Dynamix II, have brought him to sign on infamous labels Fundamental Bass Intelligence, Ukonx Recordings, Intellegenix and Battery Park Studio. I've been offered the opportunity to design the cover of his FBI Recordings release a couple years ago and it is with a great joy that I review today his new four tracker on the US structure.

Kicking the digital release off with "Dimension 1", MCU gives the tone of a heavy Electro-Bass EP made of rich strings, classic beats, and fascinating melodies. After a smooth introduction over intricate tones, this futuristic cut progressively reveals its emotive potential bassed upon impressive synth programming, great percussive rhythm and organic melodies to tears you apart.

Prime electro hit "When They Call" coming next is another milestone of a jam: a juxtaposition of hard electro beats, Rotherish touches, dense melodies, ferocious bass-heavy beats and sinister grooves, half way between the Electro Funk of Detroit style and the coldness of the Miami Techno Bass sound sometimes.

Full of emotion "Solar Wind" serves up a wonderful cut where deep yet funky sequences merge with eerie vocals, all produced with uncanny precision and details.

Finally the title track and standout cut on the EP in my opinion, out off this world "Kosmo Tanssi", demonstrates MCU's complete fascination for synthesizers, offering some suspenseful synth lines over dark and spacey atmosphere. Top notch all the more than this desperate tune evolves without beat for nearly 80% of its time!

As usual on Zero One Music, the EP is completed with a series of reworks, no less than six here, from a solid cast of producers.

Surrounded by gloomy atmosphere, insane Inhuman Designed's Pure Evil Mix of "Dimension 1" manages to catch the listener's attention on the dancefloor thanks to heavy bassline, creepy synth lines and cinematic lyrics while the Artificial Humans vs Gigabots version, instantly following, introduces some feverish effects sounding like the control panel in overture of the Alien movie.

Leaving the original theme almost intact, yet introducing brand new melodies and sough after arrangements, Will Web turns "When They Call" into a spacey cover sublimated by heading beats and forward thinking harmonies. His "Call Coming In From Saturn Mix" precedes another insane interpretation with a Drexciyan feel of the same track from Detroit wizard DJ Di'jital.

Finally Sean Deason brings two warm reworks, full of dark electro-bass beats, subtle keyboard programming and funky sequences enhanced with delays.

If you are looking for rich synthesizer music with majestic compositions ranging from old school Electro Funk, to Detroit Techno Bass, this EP is definitively for you. Essential! Digital, electro www.zeroonemusic.com




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